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yahoo messenger//fernando & abbie

destination wedding: chapel of transfiguration, calaruega, tagaytay city
hmu: angie cruz and ogie rayel
couture: veluz

it is always a delight for me and my wife listening to father jboy’s sermons. he has this way of making you really listen and the story he tells get better every time. plus, he makes my sde a lot easier to do. =)

3 thoughts on “yahoo messenger//fernando & abbie”

  • Abbie!!!

    Congrats!!! Din’t know you got married na rin. Fr. Jboy officiated our wedding too. And syempre Bim ka rin kaya maganda ang video. (OK ba, Bim? Hehe.)

    Wishing you a blissful married life. :)


  • Hi Fria!


    Yup, si Fr. Jboy nga din.. Saya nga eh! hehe. laki din ng tulong nya sa onsites namin. :)

    Syempre thankful nga kami kasi sila Bim at Gen kinuha namin :)

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