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w@w videofest: the making

wow! almost a week has passed but still i’m powerless to overcome the overwhelming emotions. i was scared. scared to watch how people will react as my work is played in the big screen. i was proud. proud to be a part of an elite group of people in my industry. i was excited. excited to be officially introduced to the w@w community, suppliers and soon-to-wed alike. it was, after all, the biggest day of my career.

most must have seen the videos, but nobody knows what really happened…and the untold story is actually the fun part. as i have mentioned during the big day, everything was shot in high definition using the nikon d90. our lighting was very well planned…but paul vincent had other plans. it was a disaster when we shot jesy and erron’s segmet as the audio from the first take was not recorded. we had to retake some of jesy’s lines and the whole segment with erron and we ended up wrapping it up at 2 a.m. in the morning. david of just like ours also rewrote his whole script. my only regret was that i should’ve allowed him to deliver it in his interpretation of bonggang bongbong. our forrest gump script, i have reason to believe, was well written and in perfect grammar. until, of course, mango al, had an interpretation of his own. =) i hope you’ll enjoy watching the four videos that we prepared for the first ever w@w videofest as much as we enjoyed making them…i did mention that it’s high definition right?

the fight club parody starring just like ours (wedding coordinators)

basic instinct starring jesy alto (make-up artist) and erron ocampo (photographer)

forrest gump starring mangored (photographers)

the usual suspects starring paul vincent (photographer)

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