International Wedding Videographer

Wellington & Stephanie/Statistics

What a year that was! Words escape my thoughts as I look back to all the blessing I had this past year. I may have traveled to more places to shoot beautiful wedding videos this year than any other year I had in my career but somehow my most unforgettable experience is not a wedding videography gig. 2013 will always be the year that I finally became a father. I am aware that I have mentioned it more than once before from previous blog posts but this overwhelming joy has got to get out of me somehow and sharing my ecstasy through my blog keeps my emotions together. After all it is my reason why I am blogging Wellington and Stephanie’s wedding same day edit from more than three weeks ago! =)

The beautiful indoor ceremony set-up highlighted by superb lighting complemented the beautiful crane shots my team and I executed during the wedding of Wellington and Steph. I am confident to say that though we don’t have them fancy camera helicopters, our “aerial shots” combined with our crazy perspective are right there on top, no pun intended. For soon to wed couples who are researching about how important lighting and styling (and poppers too!) for weddings are, of course with good wedding videographer to document the whole thing, you have got to see this. And if you haven’t decided yet, I am tellin’ you, if it ain’t that much of a stretch, it too damn gorgeous no to have!

Happy New Year!

Wellington Yap & Stephanie Sioco – Same Day Edit | Ceremony & Reception: Makati Shangri-la Hotel | Photography: Pat Dy | Coordinator: Jen Lim