International Wedding Videographer

The Search for the Perfect Love

The Search for the Perfect Love

Pao Apacible & Carmie Siy Wedding Film
Ceremony: Basilica de San Sebastian
Reception: Oasis
Photo: 12 Masters Photography by Marvin Dungao
Coordinator: Wedding Treasures

The challenge for a wedding filmmaker such as myself is the constant pressure to create engaging pictures that will ensure to keep the audience’s attention glued into the 3-5 minute wedding film. Often we are asked how a couple’s wedding can look better in video. Almost always I struggle to find the answer. It’s not the fancy dress nor the expensive bling nor the high profile guests. More expensive doesn’t necessarily means more beautiful. People tend to forget that a wedding is a family celebration and it is most beautiful if it is expressed with family. Trust me, there is no better cinematography than catching the most candid exchange of emotions.

Paolo and Carmie’s SDE is a great wedding film. Not because I shot it but because I truly felt it. See, when I opened the video with a fancy aerial shot of San Sebastian, I wanted the people who will watch it (people who doesn’t even know Pao and Carmie) to tell themselves “Okay, this is interesting…” I then overlay Pao’s very well-written wedding vow with inserts of gorgeous head shots of Carmie to keep the ball rolling. He then says “…all that I need is you, my labs.” where I cut it to give a “cliffhanger” feel. Kinda like when they end an episode of a TV series. This is done to make the audience tune in for more. I then jump into the expression-filled gift exchange to show the personality of my main characters. See, gift giving is not done just for the heck of it. It is not required and it doesn’t always make the video better. It is usually an emotional segment but sadly in most cases, it becomes an “okay, let’s get this over with for the photo and video” show. I am lucky to capture the excitement of Pao when he got his gift and Carmie’s loud appreciation when he got hers. Carmie’s good-looking nephews are just too cute not to include. =) I put in some interesting montage to break monotony before Carmie delivers her vow. As she speaks, shots of the couple together is inserted in between head shots. I then jump back into another emotional scene where the bride interacts with her bridesmaids. As the music hits its peak, I put in perhaps the most powerful moment of the day. I then continue Pao’s vow and seals it with a kiss. =)

Writing it down is way more easier than actually shooting and editing this wedding film. After all, we are not shooting staged events with story boards, we capture fleeting moments. There are a lot of factors to consider, a lot of questions. What if the aerial shot was no good? What if the vows were poorly delivered? The nephews weren’t cute and cooperative? The gifts are lame and cheap? The kiss didn’t look good? These happen! And when they do, we adjust…to make not good but great wedding films. =)

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