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[viva la vida meets kmnabk]//[obet & sandra]

destination wedding: transfiguration chapel, calaruega, tagaytay city//gown: jun escario//venue: antonio’s tagaytay//photography: paul vincent

beautiful weddings cannot be planned. trust me, i am speaking from experience. no matter how hard and how long the preparations take, it wouldn’t really make a difference. and, at the end of the day what matters is that you’re finally married. again, trust me, i am speaking from experience. at the end of the day, you’re married and that’s it, that’s the only thing that would matter. of course, waking up wasted the next day is a whole new story!

see, i am a wedding videographer. what happens during a wedding is already there even before i arrive. i wouldn’t ask anyone to go to jun escario and ask him to do the dress of the whole entourage. i wouldn’t ask the priest to sing a song or make people cry during a touching speech. i wouldn’t even ask the couple to pose…well…not unless they wanted to. i’ll just document whatever unfolds and i’ll try my best to be creative while i do it. the video is the story of how i saw (or in this case, how i heard) it happen. i’m glad most people like what i come up with. i hope you are one of them! =)

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