International Wedding Videographer

vincent and mheann: plane ticket

san agustin church – april 27, 2008
hyatt hotel
the coconut palace

it was eight in the morning and i was sitting at an airport an hour away from manila tapping my head with my fingers. i just had less than a couple hours of sleep the night before and everything was in slow motion. never, for one second, did i forget that i have a 3 pm wedding later that day. as a matter of fact, it was the one thing that was keeping me awake. i was in for a very long day.

three times i did an onsite at the coconut palace, three times i experienced some technical difficulties and three times the emcee have to save my behind. =) (thanks mallory, you rock!) whew! that day literally just passed me by…check out vincent and his lovely bride in their onsite video.

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