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Unreachable / Ryu & Angela

It has been written all over the internet. Critically acclaimed and modern day goddess Adele makes any fool fall in love. I’m no freakin’ music expert but even I can confidently say that her awesomeness is not just her being known only by first name, it’s mostly her hair-raising performances that equal Picasso’s artistic prowess. I bet, if not for Carly Rae Jepsen’s phenomenal “Call Me Maybe”, you got the lss on Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain” if not her genius that is “Someone Like You.” And seriously, I mean really think about it, don’t you want to be known worldwide just by your first name? Of course, all these are just my opinion and if need be, one Senator Tito Sotto can cut and paste my thoughts and translate it in Tagalog and call it as his own.

I was totally down with Angela’s choice for SDE music. Adele’s “One and Only” truly is like heaven to ones ears. I didn’t mind that the total running time felt as long as her record breaking top of the charts reign. I am, after all, a huge Adele fan. The couple’s beautifully written vows and their even better delivery made everything fall into place. I planted quite a few crazy crane shots for you to spot if you can!

Ryuji Yamamoto & Angela Atendido – Same Day Edit | Ceremony & Reception: Makati Shangri-la | Photography: Paul Vincent | Couture: Edward Teng

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