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Why do we do this?

Clip after clip, frame by frame, I scrub my editing timeline as I put together the puzzle pieces of our latest video teaser. Interestingly, most footage, are remarkably taken from the cameras that I did not operate! I remember two years ago, when I created a video for PTV’s third anniversary (it eventually became an International Award Winning piece,) 100% of the clips were mine. This says a lot about the evolution of my team and like a mother of the last kid to cross the finish line, I couldn’t possibly be any prouder! As these beautiful pictures come back to life, the secret behind most of the shots believe it or not is being lucky to be at the right place at the perfect time. And when you’re shooting the most beautiful weddings in the land, trust me, you’ll find yourself lucky from any where you stand. =)

Wow! Five years is quite a feat and the birth of Team PTV is a testament that we are getting bigger, badder and stronger! It’s been quite a journey. The struggles and horrors along the way taught us to look at the brighter side of things. Besides, the nose-bleeding conversations with strangers and uncomfortable carpools with foreign speaking locals make great travel stories and getting lost in a cold unfamiliar place with foreign currency in one’s pocket always turns out to be a legendary adventure.

Repeatedly I say that my whole team strive to keep the quality of our execution to, at the very least, world class standards because we do. Repeatedly I promise to keep our passion for wedding film-making burning because we will. Truth be told, we are false kings, documenting what is already there except we happen to see things in an unconventional perspective, and we deserve only half the credit if not less.

Why do we do this, one may ask. We do this because we want to party every night. We do this because we want to experience different cultures, because we want to see little pieces of the world. We do this because we love to do this we can’t imagine not doing this. Most of all, we do this because we just can’t get enough of that finger-lickin’ fast food chicken!

Welcome to the new website! =)

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