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tzu & dianne

february 10, 2009 – calaruega

i lost count how many days ago since i received the great news of us getting into this year’s w@w’s top ten suppliers and yet, i still can’t believe it. =) the feeling’s just not getting old! again, i thank all the w@wies who nominated us. i do hope to see y’all come the big event this march.

as much as possible, i’d love to use a different song every new video. i like mixing up stuff, trying to add a little extra something once in a while and most of all, the challenge that awaits forces me to come up with fresh ideas every single time. on the contrary to this, we have used the song in this next video not two but a record three times!

dianne requested me to capture tzu (who promised not to cry, in tears.) i was informed that they had a bet-should the groom shed tears, she gets an LV bag. i forgot what happens should it be the other way around but i believe she wins either way. =) true enough, like every man who took the stage before him, when he saw his bride for the first time, he was overwhelmed with his emotions. i’m not sure what their rules were, but i think i caught the groom wiping his tears twice in this video. haha!

5 thoughts on “tzu & dianne”

  • I agree, I think what makes it easy on the ears is that the song is so ethereal. Pero wag kang mag-alala, hindi ko gagawing pang-apat/lima/anim/etc kami na couple na magpapagamit sayo ng song na’to. hehe ;)

    Great video, by the way! Ganda ng timing dun sa kanta! *salute*

  • Hi! Bim/Gen. Again, thanks for the very nice onsite video…Also, thanks for capturing the “moment” ;)….Anyways, more power and goodluck.

  • hi bim and gen. thanks for the “lovely” video..all of our friends who’ve watched it said it was very nice, most of them wiped some tears. We’re lucky that we got you to do our video. =)

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