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Twist & Turns / Erick & Rosa

Twist & Turns / Erick & Rosa

My addiction to Hipstamatic reached greater heights with my introduction to Instagram. I’ve actually been using Instagram for a little over two months now but it was just this past month when I spent a considerable amount of time browsing hundreds and hundreds of inspiring and sometimes disturbing images. With more than 350 followers and still growing, I kinda get the feeling that I’m teeny-tiny bit instafamous! =) I’ve actually been around enough to realize that there are crazy obsession with photographing the sky, pet dogs, flowers and six packs (yep, some dude’s self-photographed abs!) but this certain tag, #titstagram, recently caught my attention and man what a collection this hashtag has! I just have to warn you though, it’s NSFW so browse at your own risk.

Anyway, as our regular programming resumes, today features Erick and Rosa’s wedding. Coincidentally, we received a beautiful email from the couple earlier today that I wanted to share here in my blog (I hope they don’t mind.)

“The video was the closing remarks at our wedding that made a lasting impression, not only to us or to our guests, but also to those who were not able to come but were able to see the video. It sealed the fate. You made our wedding day worth a million peso (literally, many people thought we spent a million because of what you’ve made)! :) Thank you so much.” – Erick & Rosa

We were so elated after reading their note that we’ve been doing the chicken dance since! Enjoy their video.=)

Erick Crisostomo & Rosa Mae Arce?o – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: San Sebastian Church | Reception: The Diamond Hotel | Photography : Metrophoto | HMU: The Make-Up Studio

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