International Wedding Videographer

trix & gel

august 30, 2008 – chapelle notre dame de vie
ferbrook gardens
bellevue hotel

fernbrook gardens was a sight to behold during the golden hour…while i was flat on my back, (shooting at an angle that shows the bride and the orange sky) the beautiful moment actually made me realize how young i am in this industry. it was, after all, the first time that i experienced a 6pm ceremony.

the last couple of weeks have been rough and crazy for gen and myself (our onsite laptop broke down, cancelled weddings, my dog’s overpriced food and his allergies, and lots of other stuff)…these things happen and i’m in desperate need of some peace of mind. that being said, as soon as i heard that apple’s operating system recognizes windows, i got me a macbook pro!…and no better time to test our newest baby than trix and gel’s wedding. =) i must admit, it was totally impressive.

fernbrook gardens; queen and her team; sound salad; josiahs catering; randall (doing a wedding with jason on the other end of the hall), our ptv team; these, incidentally, are our suppliers too, and i don’t know about gen but it felt like some kind of dejavu. hmmmm, must be finally sinking in…

oh yeah, the video…here it is! enjoy!

5 thoughts on “trix & gel”

  • hey there! the song you used here is the song used by jmag in the latest sde that he posted. just want to say that i heard it first in this sde of yours. same taste, huh?

    and your sde doesn’t lag behind. great job! wish you lotsa success.

  • hey bim!

    musta? Queen just finished publishing her latest post on our blogsite. It was funny as two of her posts shows your recent works.
    hope to work with your team soon.

    more power!
    -david (ni queen)

  • hey hey…i love this wedding! bagay talaga ang banda sa style mo – we like coming off with different flavors at every event…i hope you learned the importance of a drumset…

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