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Three 4 One

Three 4 One

WARNING!!! If you’re not a basketball enthusiast, worse a Lebron James (and Miami Heat) die hard fan, you may want to skip the first segment and jump straight to the three beautiful weddings we covered in the past couple of weeks. =)

It’s the eve of another game in the NBA Finals. Not that it matters in a wedding blog but I really love to see Lebron choke and suffer in the fourth quarter more, much much more, than I love to see Durant win his first (of many I believe) title. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the Miami Heat, I mean not until James came along anyway and broke our hearts, the Cleveland Cavaliers fans. Man. I really thought the game has found the next Jordan-like warrior, the guy who’ll make the Reggie Millers, Shawn Kemps, Karl Malones, John Stocktons and Patrick Ewings of today obsolete, waiting for yet another series of buzzer beaters and epic 50 point games…Until the self proclaimed “Chosen One” opts to take a shortcut. The hometown hero that was suppose to be Cleveland’s savior leaves and worse, at that last moment, just before the buzzer sounded, he passed the freakin’ basketball. Maybe I’m old school but Charles Barkley says it best when he said he doesn’t want to play with other all time greats, he wants to beat them! Now that’s gangster! =)

Fact is the NBA is more interesting with all the drama; with all the people rooting for one to lose rather than the usual wanting one to win. Maybe he’ll get his ring or maybe not. What matters is that after all is said and done, as the King himself declared and I quote “…they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today.” I woke up today and decided to do what I love doing the most and that’s presenting you not one, not two, not four, not five, not six, not seven…but three wedding films. (Man, I can do this all day.) =P

Paul Joseph Yap & Jessamine Sun – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: Santuario de San Jose | Reception: Mandarin Hotel | Photo: Jayyay Lucas

Starbucks, the world’s largest coffeehouse company, offers dozens of different blends. My cup of choice is a tall Vanilla Creme, cleaning the plastic cup up ’til you hear the noisy sucking sound in an attempt to get the always hard to get whip cream. It’s just that good baby! I’m not a fan of coffee, really, and I don’t actually recall the last time I had one, but I love Paul & Jes’ concept: a drive through for a cup of their favorite beverage right after getting hitched! =)

Martin Ayson & Charmaine Valbuena | Ceremony: Notre Dame de Vie, Fernbrook Gardnes | Reception: Fernbrook Gardens | Photo: Jayson & Joanne Arquiza

The blogging continues as afternoon turns quickly to midnight. Being in front of the computer can’t get any better with red wine courtesy of none other than Martin and Charmaine themselves. The couple from Canada brought a bus load of relatives from Batangas to celebrate their awesome night with an equally awesome dance number with the whole entourage. Speaking of the dance, I actually had tweak the SDE to add some funky moves by the bridesmaids and groomsmen in the end to better fit the couples personally re-mixed soundtrack. I hope they don’t mind. ;)

Paolo Domingo & Ron Balasta – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: Chirst the King | Reception: The Glass Garden | Photo: Paul Vincent

My wife has this keen observation with wedding ring typography. Pao and Ron’s was no exception and it may just well be the most badass of ’em all since John & Fria’s Alpha and Omega and the sickest hieroglyphics a wedding band can have in Anton and Pat’s. These minute details truly makes us smile. I must have spent one whole hour trying my best to get the perfect hipstamatic print of Pao’s ring alone! =)

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