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The Ultimate Roadtrip | Karlo & Anna

The Ultimate Roadtrip | Karlo & Anna

karlo and anna’s story starts way back when they were kindergarten and they have a photograph to prove it. =) during lunch, the bride happily told us the story of how her groom informed her that even back then, he already had a crush on her. of course she knew it was the kind of stuff he’d say to sound sweet and all and though she might not admit it, it seemed that the “kilig-factor” was just the same.

at exactly 3:17 mark of this film, my wife gen perfectly captured one of the most powerful set of moving images i have ever seen. right on the money! something when i watch it again some ten, twenty years from now will make my jaw drop, make me say some profanities before the word wow, and remind me of the moment when i first saw it and reacted the exact same way. i’d love to describe the whole scene but this you should see for yourself! =)

oh….and no, karlo and anna, you don’t have to thank us. we thank you for giving us the opportunity to do what we so damn love to do! thanks again for the cupcakes! =)

Karlo Mortel & Anna Suarez – Same Day Edit | Destination Wedding: Chapel on the Hill | Reception: Antonio’s Tagaytay | Photo: Toto Villaruel

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