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The Perfect Gift | Jasper & Rhiz

The Perfect Gift | Jasper & Rhiz

It was 35 degrees outside but it felt a couple more degrees inside San Agustin. Somehow I found a spot near the altar that I can comfortably sit and edit the SDE. I have everything under control and I’m working on a solid story. That’s until the anticipated exchange of personal vows of my very emotional couple didn’t happen. Right then and there, I swear my beard grew two inches longer. I have enough time, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that when I went inside the bride’s room that morning and got familiar with the personalities of those involved, visualized how the day will go down, I thought to myself well, I have one pretty good story to tell and an anticipated emotional exchange is the icing on the cake.

On the third floor of the Manila Peninsula, the couples are having the portraits taken. I was sitting in front of my laptop one floor below when I finally figured out how to compensate for the game changing surprise. After all, I’ve been around long enough to understand that it’s part of the job. Since I do not smoke, my way of getting some “fresh air” if you can call it that is going right in the heart of where the dirty work is happening and giving directions to my shooters. That’s when I bumped into the newly married Jasper and told me that the plan was the exchange of vows is to be done during the reception. That’s less than an hour before my sde was to be played! My beard continuously grew. I couldn’t be possibly any more lost in my entire film editing life but when the groom flashed me that oh so (better than mine by one and one-half pretty points) charming smile, I was thrown right back on track!

Happy Mother’s Day y’all!

Jasper San Miguel & Mharisal Sun – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: San Agustin Church | Reception: The Manila Peninsula | Photography: Bobby delos Santos

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