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engaged for almost four months, i believe “the bride” and i have accomplished quite a lot now. see, we’ve booked our church-st. james the great(est) and the venue-fernbrook. being a supplier and all, i thought this is gonna be a piece of cake, not! being a supplier makes it even worse! here are the stuff that makes our preparation totally crazy:

1. caterer – since i’ve basically tasted ’em all, i really thought that they all taste the same. seriously, until we had our first food tasting as a “couple hunting for suppliers” and for the first time i tasted the difference, the difference, may i add, made me say ‘i should’ve eaten breakfast, d@mnit!’ :)

2. photographer – very sensitive stuff. these guys are mostly the people i interact with on the wedding day so it is totally impossible for me to choose. that being said, “the bride” and i decided that she’ gonna be the one to pick for us and i’m gonna be the one to call and haggle for discounts. :) fair enough, i guess.

3. videographer – i don’t want to edit my own wedding and it’s ridiculous to do an onsite video of my own wedding. just the thought of it is making me sarcastically laugh at myself…read my lips, i mean blog, i-want-jason-magbanua!!! i-want-him!!! who else to get but the world’s number one, and since i’m just number two, i don’t want me, i want him…(ok, let’s be honest here, we all know who’s number one and we all know that everybody says their number 2 and since you’re reading my blog, then in this case, until before you leave, i am number two. haha, you know i’m kidding right?) unfortunately, for the time being, we can’t afford him yet…i wonder though, if i can lend him my cameras, my laptop for the onsite, blank dvds for the final video, plus i get him as one of my ninongs, maybe, just maybe, i can get him for free…i mean 50% less. :)

4. hair and make up – not my problem… :)

5. coordinator – …and i remember somebody saying you can’t buy peace of mind…huh?!?

plus, there’s the couturier, flowers, invitations, don’t even get me started with the entourage selection…man, getting married ain’t easy. lucky for us, we still have a year and a half to prepare.

by the way, our new wedsite is up maintained by none other than “the bride” herself. if you have some extra time, check it out, better yet, sign the guestbook! address is

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  • Hi Bim!

    We haven’t met yet, but judging from your personality (read: blog packaging), I think you go for killer ideas. Why not consider doing your onsite avp yourself? As far as I know, no one has done that before. ;)

    I know it’s sounds crazy at first. Since you’re a wedding videographer, your own wedding would be a great showcase of your best work. It’s not like you have to shoot your wedding yourself. You just have to do the onsite editiing. If you’re really up to it, you can do it white the guests are being served their cocktails. Or if you think it’s really not possible, why not have your own team do it for you?

    I’ve got nothing against a videographer getting another for their own wedding. I just feel that — in a marketing point of view — mas may “yabang factor” if you do it yourself…. hehehe

    Just my two cents. :)

  • Yes, yes you should go on food tasting when you’re not that hungry para di ka sarap na sarap sa pagkain nila. Walang hindi masarap sa taong gutom haha. Pero kami parang pare-pareho lang naging lasa ng food.

    Happy preps! :D

  • hi john,

    haha…i’m still trying to figure out options. unfortunately for me, the only other member of my team who can do the onsite video is my fiancee herself! :)

    i’m looking forward to meeting you sir, thank you for visiting my blog.

  • I agree with Sir John, go for the gold charming Bim! Have a computer setup sa gitna ng dance floor. Have the tapes captured beforehand, everything ready. Cut and sequenced so you’ll have to work with the transitions and the musical score. During cocktails (followed by dinner) and in between activies, work on it. Before the final speeches, spotlight will be on you finalizing the avp. The main highlight would be your very own Onsite Video! Beat that! Asteeeeeeeg! Ofcourse you have over a year to practice. Good luck tol! =)

  • bim, nakuha ko na ung video..salamat…di sya mashadong magalaw unlike other raw videos na nakita ko… di ba kami pipili ng songs? ung pix…matatagalan pa pagpili..hirap eh

  • haha, patay tayo jan jays…taas na kilay ni gen, siya lang ang hadlang sa aking daan tungo sa tugatog ng tagumpay! hehe. susubukan kong pilitin, kung ayaw, hanap ako ng bride na papayag. :)

  • Bim,

    I think the guys are right! you edit your own video on your wedding. Parang you are the only person I know who has the chance to do it. And it would also be a big boost for you and your business. You and your wife to be will cherish that editing forever. And it will also be one treasure na papakita ng children mo over generations. God bless sir!

  • bim,
    cant wait to see your own onsite video pre, especially kung ikaw ang gagawa! :)
    if kailangan mo taga capture or even additional lightsman pwedeng pwede ko, basta sa wedding ko din kunin kita ha! :) contgrats pare!!!!

  • Tama! Edit your own AVP. Tapos kelangan, before dinner ipakita. MWAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!! O kaya, may standby ka na groom. =)

  • oi bimbowski ikakasal ka na pala! sana nakauwi na ko nun… don’t wanna miss this one hehe. tama sila, ikaw na magedit! lupet nun! hall of famer!

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