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[the ondoy story i never had]//[vince and melai]

september 26, 2009 – st. ignatius chapel
crowne plaza
photographer: redsheep photography

i do not have an ondoy story. on that fateful day, during the worst typhoon our country has experienced for more than four decades, i was on the sixteenth floor, safe and dry. no walking for an hour to get to a destination, no hour-long traffic jam encountered, no flood, no landslides, no floating cars, no power interruptions, not even internet connection problems. as a matter of fact, i had no idea how bad the situation was until our bride turned on the television some time before lunch. it was then that i realized that i was very lucky.

i remember sleeping the night before, at about 3 a.m., it was already pouring hard. when i woke up, there were no signs that the rain was slowing down. the most challenging part of the day was getting into our vehicle. one of my shooters was wearing his third outfit when he successfully got into the car.

it was just another day in the office. the trip to the hotel didn’t take more than thirty minutes. the rain was worse than ever. a couple of hours later, our bride was receiving text messages that people won’t be able to make it. soon, phone call after phone call, the bride and the groom finally decided to talk about the whole situation…we waited…

i do not have an ondoy story…but i had a couple who had one…and i was lucky to be there to witness and to capture that one epic moment of their lives.

it was a sad day for the country. when i got home, the horror was unbearable. then again, this exact same thing happens every single year in our country. only this time, it hit manila. i am glad to see a lot of people lending a helping hand. i am trying my very best to do my part and i am positive that somehow, someway, like we always do, we are gonna get through.

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