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the fog//cholo & rose

destination wedding: chapel on the hill, tagaytay city
venue: ville sommet, tagaytay city
photo: jeff and lisa
gown: amonn velasco
otd: detalye

there i was, shivering and cold, waiting for the moment to happen. no fancy tricks, no directed motion, just that same old thing: patience. i remember calling all the gods in the heavens when i got the shot in that freezing tagaytay evening. a little later, as i stayed on to it, i couldn’t believe my luck when i got me something better. i could’ve waited for hours if had to…and i didn’t mind getting the colds the day after. it was a small price to pay…nothing a couple of decolgen tablets couldn’t fix. =)

no first dance, just first rock band as husband and wife, performing a song by only the coolest band ever, in the coolest chucks i’ve ever seen (rock on hand gesture here.)

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