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The E-Session

photography: oly ruiz//styling: geoff gonzales//make-up: angie cruz//documentation: phoeben teocson videography//location: clark, pampanga

it was an event that almost didn’t happen. we literally searched every town in bulacan for a location we so desperately need for the theme until our frenzied road trip finally brought us to clark, pampanga. we needed the perfect place to complete the concept and we got just what we were looking for. the long drive was so darn worth it.

geoff gonzales, my friends, is a real genius. i remember meeting him the first time and the ideas came out naturally. when i told him i wanted something different, he told me he sees something extreme…when i told him i wanted something extreme, he told me he sees something over the edge…when he asked me if i was willing, i told him bring it! come the actual day, his team doing an awesome, awesome job is an understatement.

i guess oly ruiz never had an e-session like this. he was dead tired from a long trip during our meeting but he was, as always, up for the challenge…and a challenge he had. i am deeply grateful to him and his metrophoto team (shout outs to rommel and francis), always exceeding the highest standard of expectations. =)

gen and i never kissed, not even on the cheeks, the entire time. we walked around almost naked, ate plastic babies, wore heavy make-up but, and most importantly, had a lot of fun.

more photos at metrophoto’s site.

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