International Wedding Videographer

the big surprise/allan & monica

church: st. alphonsus parish (magallanes church)
photography: lito genilo
venue: sofitel
couture: veluz reyes
hmu: the makeup studio
coordination: jody liwanag

it happens all the time, expect the unexpected. my bad, actually. i remember allan and monica specifically told me that she wanted an mtv style onsite video. no vows, no speeches, no sermons. the problem is that i didn’t write it down then and of course that was more than six months ago. imagine the couple’s surprise come their wedding day when the first part of the video with father jessel gonzales telling their love story started playing…a beautiful story, may i add…totally, supposedly not part of the plan.

i thought i saw a couple of people teary-eyed after it was played so i’m thinking the video did well. check it out! =)

4 thoughts on “the big surprise/allan & monica”

  • hi bim & gen,

    super love the video…it may not have been what they expected but it sure was by far the biggest surprise they had…and i think it showed kasi kulang na lang halikan ka ni kuya after the reception…hahahaha

    we watched the video over and over and over times the nth power which only proves that your description of “well” is definetely an understatement… :)

    looking forward to ours!! :D

  • @ q&j: thanks! see you soon!

    @len: hi len, sayang di tayo nagkita sa exo. sorry about the misunderstanding, hehehe. see you next year! =)

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