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The 2017 Poveda Seniors Graduation Ball

The 2017 Poveda Seniors Graduation Ball

La Notte Scorsa
The 2017 Poveda Seniors Graduation Ball
Reception: The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan
Styling: Dave Sandoval

La Notte Scorsa.

The Last Night.

These young ladies sure knows how to go out with a bang!

We’ve been filming the Povedan prom/ball for the past three years and it seems like it’s getting better every time.
Being part of these special nights give us the opportunity to briefly look into these girls adventures/misadventures through the years. With a series of video flashbacks that brought laughter and nostalgia, it surely was one of the most memorable nights in the lives of each young woman of the Poveda Batch 2017.

This year, our good friend and event stylist extraordinaire Dave Sandoval turned the The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan into a sight to behold! I was told that he used at least 1200 dozens (yes! dozens!) of flowers the create the magical look. Another good friend of ours, Zandra of Zandra Lim Designs happened to be the designer of this years Belle of the Ball! Check out the transformation of the venue and find out who was declared the Belle of the Ball for the 2017 Poveda Seniors Graduation Ball.

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