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ten ten ten//robert & davene

ten, repeated thrice, brings so much meaning to my wedding film-making career. the word constantly remind me of my humble beginnings and how being a part of the weddings at work community changed my life. that said, it was only fitting that i spent my october ten wedding, the hottest date since eight eight eight, with w@wies!

ten-ten-te-ten is weddings at work’s tenth year anniversary. it was during the celebration of this event when it actually began. it was also during this time, the same month we were celebrating ptv’s first year in the business, when we were chosen as one of the w@w top ten suppliers. everything was just surreal.

ten ten ten is three years later. for the third straight year, going onto ptv’s third year in the business, we are chosen as one of w@w top ten suppliers! we are proud and honored and grateful to eveyone who voted us in. it’s just so inexplicably sweet that feeling that never grows old!

ten ten ten is october ten, twenty ten. hundreds of inquiries turned down. after the dust settled, i found myself spending it with a w@wie couple.

robert and davene gave me no lists, no songs, no requested shots. my kind of deal. =) i have this song in my database for quite a while now…keeping it until the perfect moment to use it. why not on ten ten ten, i asked. i did!

in 2006, before all the pictorials, the avps, the destination weddings, the international award, i dreamt about becoming a part of the biggest online community that is weddings at work. i didn’t get to join the yahoo group but i’m a very proud w@wie nonetheless…still and always will be. =)

2 thoughts on “ten ten ten//robert & davene”

  • Congrats!!!
    Keep rockin’.
    We are happy to be part of ptv’s beginnings and growth :)
    Only thing not nice abt being so successful is sched for coffee dates are harder to pick:(

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