teary eyes/benjo & anika

church: san agustin church
venue: palacio de maynila
photography: paul vincent photography
coordinator: 168 events management
couture: veluz reyes

i’ll be at three weddings until sunday, i got monday to rest and then i’m off to bicol on tuesday. i’ll be back monday next week and hopefully, i can get back to all emails as soon as i can. while i still can, i’m posting one of two (i’ll try my best to post another one before i leave next week) onsite videos. i kinda made an extra special video intro with this one so i hope you won’t miss that. :)

7 years ago


  1. bim & gen!
    thanks for the “extra special intro” i really like that part!

    a year ago, i’m just browsing through your videos.. and now, we’re one of them na! :)

    nakakatawa pa yung title.. “teary eyed”! my husband was so hiya that it was caught on video! good job guys! this will haunt him forever!!

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