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Take Off!

Take Off!

Woohoo!!! Oh how I waited for this day to come! The launching of the new website has already been a month delayed and yet, like college, I cram still. ;) We had our pictorial just yesterday and I’m rushing our latest video teaser to completion in between writing this blog entry, pizza and full body massage. All system is a go! The new look is just insanely bad ass making the excruciating wait so darn worth it.

A couple of weeks ago, I’ve also been testing the new design for our DVD covers and menus. Color coordinating is a real pain but the results came back great! And HD, of course HD, has never looked so gorgeous on HDTV. I wish it was my mistress…oh wait, I think technically it already is!

In this Facebook Era, blog readers are kinda like endangered species. I’m kinda hoping that the new look can keep our avid readers, all three of them, interested and perhaps loiter around the page longer.

Did I mention that we had our mug shots taken? Trust me, it’s no ordinary head shot!

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that the TEAM PTV‘s blog has also been updated. I am very confident to say that their work is currently the best and most affordable wedding video service available today. Unfortunately, as they literally get busy by the minute, I cannot promise that such beautiful films will stay this affordable for long. Check them out at and if you like what you see, shoot them an email!

In behalf of my whole team, welcome to our new blog. We do hope you like it as much as you love our films. We promise to keep the passion burning. =)

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