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A Tagaytay Midlands Wedding

A Tagaytay Midlands Wedding

Carl Jeffrey Tan and Maica Rebanal
Ceremony: Tagaytay Midlands Wedding
Reception: Tagaytay Midlands
Gown: Jazel Sy
Event Styling: Michael Ruiz
Photo: Christian de Leon
Full event coverage with aerial videography by PTV

Some people are just meant for each other.

Carl and Maica spent their wedding day teasing each other. Perhaps one can accurately assume that they’ve been at it since they’ve met each other. Two months after their wedding day, I am confident to say that they’re still exchanging doing it every single day. The way they exchange these playful provocations is how their relationship was built in the first place. If you listen to them exchange no-holds-barred verbal blows at each other is amusing. You forget the fact that they are marrying each other less than a year after meeting each other. Truth be told, I thought they were high school sweethearts!

Maica sang her way to into the the Tagaytay Midlands wedding veranda perhaps hoping Carl won’t be able to hold back the tears. I say she he’s held it back with everything he’s got knowing he’ll never stop hearing about it if he fails. =) Plus their beautiful baby boy is watching along with hundreds of others.

It’s been two months since I posted this video on vimeo. I totally forgot about blogging it after posting it at our facebook page. I try my best to remember how the day went but Michael Ruiz’s jaw-dropping transformation to the Tagaytay Midlands wedding venue was something everyone at the wedding won’t forget. It was also one of the first weddings where I get to try my new toy: the DJI Phantom. =) What makes this wedding remarkable is the couple themselves, Carl and Maica, one of the funkiest and funniest couples we had this year. Their exchange of vows was like a noontime variety show, even their first kiss had this #carlandmaics twist. Enjoy the video. =)

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