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sweet disposition | Raymond & Kristine

sweet disposition | Raymond & Kristine

my wife and i had a chance to catch a movie on valentine’s day and believe it or not it was our very first valentine’s date. the fifteen-minute-turned-hour-long drive to the mall reminded us instantly why we rather stayed home in the past. the worst traffic though, has no chance of stopping us from watching another rachel mcadams box office flick (we watched “the notebook” on our very first date.) except perhaps for the boyish charm both our groom raymond and channing tatum possesses, there’s no relevant connection this movie/v-day experience has with this next wedding video. it just so happens though that our couple, raymond and kristine, had one beautiful exchange of vows of their own. =)

Raymond & Kristine – Same Day Edit | destination wedding: madre de dios, tagaytay highlands | reception: midlands verand | photo: nelwin uy | couture: marc rancy

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