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Stick to One / Jeff & Ja

Stick to One / Jeff  & Ja

International Wedding: Church of Nativity Burke Virginia, USA

A few months ago, I had the chance to shoot my first two weddings in the United States. The plan was fly in there with my wife and get the job done, pretty much what we are used to doing. Although it is always an extra challenge shooting international weddings especially cutting down my usual team of five down to two, I am quite confident knowing that I have my best camerawoman/partner with me. In my mind, nothing could go wrong really, it’s not like we haven’t done it before – in a lot more pressured circumstances even!. =) Friends, in this business, if you ain’t ready for the unexpected, you’re in for one heck of a ride! And like a horror-flick plot twist, I was in for a major surprise. To cut the story short, my wife, my second camera, was unable to fly with me to the US due to her passport getting ripped just as we are about to check in! It’s just that I was flying in from a west coast wedding (I will not be posting my Las Vegas wedding as per my couple’s request) to an east coast carrying/pulling 50 kilos of camera equipment and an additional 20 kilos of personal stuff. =) Well, you know what they say…a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. =)

The wedding film that you are about to see is not possible without the following people: My wonderful friends Mike & Rachelle de los Reyes, who not only helped out during the wedding but also brought me to an epic Temper Trap the night before and toured me around Washington DC (plus a very significant stop at a Lego store outlet) the day after. My wife and I love you so much. Carlo Ilagan, who was generous enough to lend not only a third camera plus lenses but also an extra creative eye during the filming. PTV Mitch Zafe for a beautiful handcrafted film with an awesome soundtrack. You make me proud. So without further ado, here’s Jeff & Ja’s wedding film. =)

Jeff & Ja – Wedding Highlights from Phoeben Teocson on Vimeo.

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