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steve & tina (the one with the bad case of amnesia…or perhaps too much facebook!)

january 16, 2009 – st. james the great
the palms

since day one i posted all the onsite videos that i made and never ever did i imagine that someday, somehow, i’m gonna miss one. well, almost, to the very least…i knew something was missing. haha.

there was actually a little panic when i received the sms from the couple about their video. the confusion to my face was passed on to my “office manager” as i bombarded her with questions…where the hell is their file video? were we able to save a copy of their video? how the heck did we forget to post it? was that video good? are you sure we have saved a copy ‘coz i don’t remember seeing a folder of it in the hard drive?…turns out, she was able to save a copy of the whole folder in our hdd…and a copy of the mpeg file…and yep, it was good! the couple are just too gorgeous in front of the camera that any angle i took was money!…in addition to that, we’ll be seeing them again on their friend’s wedding come march fifteen…to tina and steve, i apologize for the delay, my bad. so, without further ado here’s the video. =)

5 thoughts on “steve & tina (the one with the bad case of amnesia…or perhaps too much facebook!)”

  • Bim, you are simply the best. we absolutely loved your work- and everyone else in the reception loved it. you and paul make a great team.

    more power to you! and thank you for everything. we’re very happy with your output.

  • seriously, not because tina is my sister, but the video is really really really GOOD! BEST one i’ve seen! I’ve watched it 10 times already and yet still get the teary eye! Perfect song perfect everything!

    If i get married you’ll be doing mine as well haha=) keep up the good work!

  • bim..sent u an email on your gmail account… some of my friends went to rockwell to see the videofest(?) and some of them asked me kung ikaw daw ba ung videographer ko nung wedding. mejo unique kasi name mo so may lasting memory effect. and they said na “sosyal” daw ang videographer ko…LOL please reply naman po on my email..thanks!

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