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the wedding expo has come and gone and i would like to thank everyone who visited, stopped by, watched videos, booked us and shared stories at our booth last weekend. as always, the expo turned out better than we expected. =)

our 2010 calendar is still open but the available slots are few…and since march, is a huge month for phoeben teocson videography, i’m feeling generous. =)

two years has come and gone. two weddings at work top ten awards, the videofest, the international weddings. i’ve been to places i only dream about (for free). i’ve seen stuff i can only imagine, and i have assembled a young team of shooters and editors with the highest standards. i couldn’t be more blessed and yet i still feel like i’m new and i’ve got a lot more to learn…and man, i’ve never been busier in my entire life, and i’m loving every moment of it. =)

because we turned two and my wife turned twenty eight, for all bookings this month of march we’ll be extending the following freebies:

free high defintion coverage (output will still be in dvd but in much better quality)
free crane with extra camera! (worth P10,000.00)

in addition to this, we’ll wait ’til next month to adjust our rates! since we’re embracing apple tv full time, hd lovers can upgrade their package from bluray to a 160gb apple tv (yes, you’ll take a brand new unit home) for an additional P10,000 only. again, 2010 is almost closed and most of 2011 dates are getting crossed out pretty quick so make the most out of this month of march! =)

4 thoughts on “sophomore”

  • wow generous talaga! haaayy… sayang tapos na kami..

    if we were the couples about to get married, we wouldn’t hesitate to grab this opportunity! =D kaya kung kami sa inyo book na! ;b

    belated happy birthday gen… more power PTV!

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