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Something Beautiful | John & Diana

Something Beautiful | John & Diana

Upon arriving at Blue Leaf, the couple’s wedding cake instantly took my attention. In a brief moment, I was confused and I found myself asking why on earth is the cake topper bride wearing eyeglasses. I was either a creepy dude staring blankly in front of the cake in somebody else’s wedding reception or John and Diana’s party was just disturbingly entitled, but interesting nonetheless, Fierce and Fab @ 50! Further investigation confirmed that my always dependable common sense was absolutely right when I realized that maybe our bride wears glasses! (The latter, thankfully, turned out to be a 50th birthday celebration held at The Blue Leaf’s Silk Pavillon a.k.a. Cougar Town. Rawr!) And Diana looked good with glasses, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I never really had a chance to meet her that way and during her wedding day, as my wife put it, she was just so radiant, so beautiful like a bride should be on her wedding day! =)

John Atienza & Diana Go – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: Magallanes Church | Reception: Blue Leaf | Photography: Paul Vincent | HMU: Chichi Sotomil

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