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sinong mag-aakala | Richmond & Julyda

sinong mag-aakala | Richmond & Julyda

coming straight from a wedding in pampanga, i stumbled upon mon and july’s video that i’ve uploaded a couple of days ago. i’ve been meaning to blog about it then but my newly discovered tumblr blog happened and i got insanely addicted to it that i forgot the video altogether.

so today, after a warm shower, my daily fix of nba’s top ten plays, facebook gossip and whatnots, i have two hours left to pack stuff for this upcoming destination wedding and squeezing in this blog entry before i expire wouldn’t hurt so here goes.

i love each sde i make and i never get tired of watching them over and over but there’s something captivating about mon and july’s onsite video that it gets me hooked as soon as i hit the play button. maybe it’s just me. i must have watched it a couple of dozen times and i still enjoy every second of it. it’s gotta be july’s tear-jerking vow but them fancy crane shots doesn’t hurt neither. it’d be cool if i can get you to watch it more than once. =)

Richmond Dulay & Julyda Casipit – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: NSDG; Reception: Blue Leaf

ooohh and did you know that weddings at work turned thirteen years old today? shout out to abet and benz for this awesome milestone! i am forever grateful, forever proud to be a part of the most fabulous wedding community in th philippines!

kainan na! wooohooo!!!

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