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save the date

i don’t really wanna count how many days are left. what i look forward the best, (after, of course, marrying my best buddy) is the fact that expenses are finally gonna stop! hopefully…

the printing of our “save the date” card is currently on-going. the artwork is courtesy of non other than the master painter herself, abba “wow sabaw” mendoza. the woman breathe art people and she literally handpainted this thing. un-freakin’-believable if you ask me. she has actually set-up her own studio (great news!) now and is offering very affordable rates (read: an offer you can’t refuse!) and she promises that no two cards are the same! if you like this, wait ’til you see our kick-ass wedding invites. five thumbs up baby! i love it! how the heck can you not save the date?

save the date

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