International Wedding Videographer

sam & ina

may 29, 2008 – st. ignatius chapel, camp aguinaldo
holiday inn
the mango farm

less than three weeks before their wedding day, i got a call from sam. the conversation went something like this:

4:30 pm
sam: hello, can i speak to phoeben?
bim: yes sir, speaking…sino po ito?
sam: this is sam…we would like to get your video services…can we set an appointment soon?
bim: sige po sir, kailan po? available po ako any time this week except weekends…
sam: mamaya, pwede ka? mga 6:30?
bim: huh? ah…sige po…

haha…of course i was still free on the 29th, i mean, who gets wed on a thursday afternoon of may? jayson did give me the heads up about this couple. =)

the reception i got in this onsite video totally overwhelmed gen and me. we were watching from the second floor of and we saw/hear people cheering on almost every clip. just wow!

watch the video here. hope you’ll enjoy it ‘coz the next onsite video i’ll be posting may take more than a month from now. =)

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