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ryan & carol: instant classic

july 9, 2009 – santuario de san antonio
makati shangri-la
blue leaf

perhaps the most difficult time was saying goodbye. not that tears were shed or anything, a firm handshake does the job most of the time except ryan, who’s just happy about anything, won’t let go of my hand for a good fifteen minutes…and like always before, it was another case of too-little-time-too-many-things-to-say.

another perfect day for a wedding. my good friend randall lent me his 24mm tilt/shift lens and man, amazing stuff that bad-ass lens do for video! enjoy the same day edit and holler if you like it!

4 thoughts on “ryan & carol: instant classic”

  • Hi! This is JL&Anna – we booked you for our Oct 2010 wedding.. hehe hope you still remember us!! :) Anyway, this video is really great – plus the video previous to this one! We have been checking your site regularly so we’ll have an idea of what we can do with our video next year! Cant wait for our turn!! :)

  • Hi! Bim and Gen, we have to confess…everytime we watch this video our eyes are filled with tears. You have captured every moment perfectly that watching this reminds us of how great our day was. We are so proud of you and we surely made a good choice. You obviously did a great job and is certainly one of the best in the industry. Aside from that, we also found a friend in you and we want u to know we miss the whole team already. We’ll keep in touch ok. Once again, thank you so much for giving us a very wonderful video. Idol!!! :)

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