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ruel & ghel

august 15, 2008 – mt. carmel shrine
linden suites

it took more than two years until i finally got to shoot a wedding at the mt. carmel shrine…almost like a dream come true…the anticipation and the excitement to tell the story of how my father built the floors of that church’s altar at least thirty years ago and the fact that it’s a our parish church however, has long been gone. i wrote it a hundred different times inside my head, how to tell it to my blog that is, during those sleepless nights might have sucked all the anticipation and come the day i write about it (today), pffffffft! wasted!

my team usually stays until after the music and lights are turned off. most of the time, we were the ones left in the reception hall but this was a different night. =) most of the members of the entourage were still there dancing the boogey (including the kids and some principal sponsors) like no one was watching!… and after the music was turned off, somebody’s still shouting for more! that was one heck of a party, but then again, it was friday night!

i may refuse to tell it to myself but i feel like every new video i upload becomes my new favorite! i just hope it’s a good thing. here’s the onsite video that is long overdue. after playing this at the reception, the emcee thanked the photographer (not the first time.) joel francisco and i had a good laugh.

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