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roo city | Ryan & Audey

roo city | Ryan & Audey

international wedding: the convent of mercy, hunter valley, australia | reception: chateau elan, hunter valley | photo: nelwin uy | gown: veejay floresca

as if the hills were lit from behind giving the horizon a glowing illusion of the valley, the pitch black darkness gives emphasis to the billions of stars in the night sky. i look over to the other side of the van’s window, passing on the thought of my wife and her amazing ability to get some sleep during a bumpy ride, the postcard-worthy image i see looked almost identical. the view is just that spectacular. it’s half past three in the morning and the damn thing is keeping me awake.

four days ago, my wife and i got to experience sydney once again. it has been two years since we last strolled around the city, by foot no less, and in my opinion the city’s natural charm just never fades. being away from home, it feels good to meet new faces in crystal, my old time facebook buddy, her fiance and film enthusiast “cool-name” sebastian, and her younger brother “baby face” jansen who masterminded my eating of the roo burger! later that same evening, the trio treated us to some tasty chocolate snack from guylian. it was one awesome welcome.

some seven kilometers from the city, bondi beach has always been a place my wife and i wanted to visit. huge warning signs of strong currents and a history of rogue waves extinguished my urge to go bodyboarding as surfer after surfer passed us by. instead, we found a different adventure in the two kilometer trek to mackenzie’s point. by the time day two was over, i swear my legs were giving up on me. thankfully, through photographer extraordinaire nelwin (and tey) uy, we were treated to quite a few re-energizing bottles of corona by our new aussie friend evan and his lovely wife marvie. =)

the long drive to hunter valley the next day proved to be a blessing in disguise as our battered feet got some much needed though unexpected rest. i lost count of the hours that passed until we finally arrived at chateau elan’s magnificent luxury villa. thai food was served during dinner including a bottle of hunter valley’s finest wine as we got to know a little about the couple, whom we met for the first time that day. the big day was less than twenty four hours and excitement was in the air.

it must’ve been below ten degrees outside the reception area. from a distance inspired by the beautiful australian night sky, i hear nelwin uy singing an awfully familiar love song. a couple of tables away, a young lady had a drink one too many and her friends are trying desperately to talk some sense out of her. gen is almost done packing our stuff while nel’s wife tey is good and ready to go. the dancing and drinking was still on-going as stifled party music escapes from the room’s closed doors. as the physical and mental exhaustion slowly crept in, i realized that our third wedding in australia has come to an end. it was epic and i have the film to prove it!

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