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richard & joan

august 1, 2009 – fernbrook gardens
bellevue hotel

i felt a lot closer to joan’s mom who did most of their wedding preparations while she and her fiance were abroad. one more meeting and we would’ve been facebook buddies. =) fortunately, i had the pleasure of meeting the couple twice before their big day. during our first meeting, i found it impressive that joan remembers accurately what my blog entry was about on every single onsite video i played. yes, seriously. =)

12 thoughts on “richard & joan”

  • I love this couple and I fell in love with them even more after watching this video. It’s one big Awwww….Kudos and kampai to Joan and Richard and to the maker of this sweet and poignant video. Love it! =)

  • Hi Bim & Gen,

    I love you guys!!!!!!

    Thanks for the very beautiful video that you did for us…i’ve been checking your site everyday as usual…we’ve been awaiting your post before we do ours (it’s much better quality =D ). This song has been my LSS and PWS-post wedding song…hahaha!… it always makes me smile…thanks again!

    btw,saw your pre-marital party, it really looks fun..i know your forthcoming wedding will be awesome…can’t wait to see it.

    hope to see you again…mwah and kudos to you bim,gen and your team!

  • hi bim and gen,

    this video is SWEEEET!!!
    you really capture the moment especially the last part… awwww…

    excited na talaga kami for our turn…

    PS. Congrats and Best wishes in advance… lapit niyo na… =)


  • WOW! beautiful video! awesome wedding! ganda ng offerer ng flowers (ehem)!

    ang sweeeeeet!

    i;d never get tired watching this video… GALING!

  • No words can express how happy am i for this couple, i’ve seen some of their ups and downs and all I can say is that they love and deserve each other.. Too bad I wasn’t able to attend at their wedding, inspite of that I was able to watch and feel the moment of their wedding.. Kudos to maker of this video, and continue sharing more love to everyone…:)

  • Positively the best wedding video I’ve ever seen! Beautiful couple (Joan is my first cousin) and very tastefully edited. I loved they way you caught all the real emotions. I’m in tears.

    What a wonderful way to capture the beginning of a lifetime…

    And to Joan and Richard, all the best to you!

  • hi bim and gen;

    so wonderful video, well edited, you guys did a great job, am so impressed!!! hehehe…. thank you for making a beautiful video of my ate’s wedding =))
    keep up the good work!
    best wishes and congratz in advance to your forthcoming wedding…..

  • what more can i say, everybody had said it.
    Thanks for this NICE video. Nasulit ang pagod ko everytime i am watching this…i am always in tears…!

    to both of you congratulations in advance …

  • i love the video! ganda ng editing and mga anggulo ng shots. even if i wasn’t able to attend the wedding of joana and richard, i saw and felt how perfect the wedding celebration is.

    congrats jo and richard! wla bang video ng honeymoon? JOKE!

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