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Rene & Dawn/Bridal Bus

December. With traffic this bad and places packed and busy, it is best to stay at home witha cup of tea and a good book or better yet, an SDE from PTV.

Let me tell you a little bit about what happened during Rene and Dawn’s wedding without spoiling their wedding video. Right off the bat, I am reminded of the bridal suite that looked like an Alice in Wonderland set. It was freakishly humongous that an indoor sauna, which in my estimate can comfortably hold a dozen bridesmaids, will greet you as soon as you enter the door. =) A little bit later, the bride jokingly says that she’s riding a bus to the ceremony. She did! Her groom and entourage did too, in another bus! How crazy was that?!…Not as crazy as their Jason Derulo wedding video, I can tell you that. =)

Rene Silva & Dawn Marie Pasco – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: Christ the King | Reception: Blue Leaf | Photo: Nelwin Uy | Coordinator: Events Experts (Jody Liwanag) | Make Up: Chichi Sotomil | Couture: Joe San Antonio

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