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Ready to Run | JR & Kat

Ready to Run | JR & Kat

Slowly I change the way I write a blog entry. Noticeably I resize both the Hipstamatic print size and the embedded video. If gone unnoticed, the last three SDEs are watermarked with the PTV logo. The sticky post in this blog says it all and our whole team can’t get any more excited! Something’s cooking and it’s a brand new look for the PTV website and the whole brand!

In 2007, my team (back then it was just Gen and myself) launched our blog. It was funky and different and I felt that not a lot of video blogs then made you want to visit the site and just stare at the colorful graffiti header! I thought to myself it was so cool I am never gonna change it ever. Then 2012 came and staring at the puzzle pieces got a little bit too ordinary plus facebook came about and the whole perspective just changed.

I hate calling my films “product” and my name “brand.” It’s freakin’ commercialism, which by the way is causing the slow destruction of Boracay and, but hopefully not soon, Bohol, Palawan, etc. Oooh my point of view in the subject will go on forever but at the end of the day I am an entrepreneur and a little birdie told me that branding is very very important. Ergo, change. Still, I don’t want our brides and grooms telling their friends that they are PTV bride/groom or whatnot, I can live with the fame or the lack of it that my team and I currently have. I want our brides and grooms to tell the world that they had so much fun on that most crazy day of their lives and their awesome film allows them to relive it again and again. Hey, they don’t even have to say who filmed it, the name’s too darn complicated to pronounce, let alone remember, anyway! =)

The following film is no product. This is real people in the real world enjoying the best times of their lives!

Rene Giancarlo Guzman & Katherine Joyce Catral – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: San Agustin Church | Reception: 1Esplanade | Photo: Paul Vincent Photography

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