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raymond & genevieve

september 6, 2008 – st. james the great(est)
vivere suites
the palms

gieves was absolutely gorgeous standing in front of st. james’ entrance. her vintage wedding gown was totally breathtaking…just wow! =) it was some kinda time-stood-still moment and i was a witness.

gen’s never been with me at st. james during a wedding and i really wished she was there (she was at the wedding expo.) i wanted her to visualize how she’s gonne do it come her turn to walk down that very same aisle next year. =) yeah, she’ll be crying and mess her make-up bad, she is very very emotional.

today’s onsite song is last week’s number one in the charts. give me anything coldplay i’d be like a kid with candy; give me something rock and i’ll come up with something interesting at the very least…and just because it is a wedding video, it doesn’t mean you’re gonna need love music. =) check out the video.

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