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raindrops, puppies and wet socks/paolo & kat

ceremony: fernbrook gardens
photo: dino lara
make-up: chichi sotomil

kat was chillin’ in her bridal suite just waiting for the time. she’s got a lot of waiting to do actually. all she needed to do now is walk the the aisle, say her vows and she’s done. typical groom…except she’s the bride. =) paolo did most of what a typical bride does. he handpicked every single detail, he created his own props, he shot/edited his own presentations and he made sure everybody had fun. and i’m telling you, he did a great job. =)

it started raining wild as kat steps down her bridal car. the coordinators were knocking on the entrance door to let the people inside to hurry up and let the bride in. my camera and i got wet…but heck, i got the shots! i couldn’t be happier!

1 thought on “raindrops, puppies and wet socks/paolo & kat”

  • You got that right Bim. It was Paolo who had the perfect ideas for our beautiful wedding. Under my approval first, of course:-) And it was my perfect wedding.

    Paolo said our wedding should be one of the most, if not the most, beautiful memory I have. Because that day was mine. I should not remember it as the day that I was most stressed. And he was right.

    I was the happiest bride that day. In my mind that wedding is the most beautiful wedding ever.

    Thank you and your team very much for helping make that day very special:-)

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