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[rainbow]//[javi & marie]

destination wedding: dauis church, bohol//date: december 8, 2009//venue: bohol beach club//hmu: angie cruz & ogie rayel//gown: veluz reyes//photographer: jeff & lisa//videographer: phoeben teocson

it was a wedding filled with traditions and attended by the closest family and friends from all over the world. by then, it was the fifth straight day outside the office but i was overwhelmed by the extraordinary hospitality of the couple and their family. i had the best lunch ever topped with the best dinner ever.

the reception was filled with surprises, impromptu but very beautiful and heartwarming speeches and dozens of filipino, spanish and chinese song performers. capped by lanterns glowing in the pitch black sky, it was the most amazing december night so far!

viva los novios!!!

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  • hi gen & bim,

    wow!!!!! u beat my deadline…thanks vmuch for posting the video….very beautiful…it was very nice to work with u guys. i hope ull have a nice quiet christmas despite the busy work schedule.

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