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rainbow city

rainbow city

ten days. it was a painfully short trip but i wouldn’t want it any other way! =)

fourteen years ago, my dad went to hawaii to make the ultimate sacrifice of leaving his family behind to provide us with a better life. from the very first day that he stepped on united states soil, all he ever dreamt of was to see every single one of us with him there. as soon as my sister got her u.s. visa and eventually went on to become a citizen, we’ve exhausted all our efforts to get me, my mom and my younger sister to the u.s. seven months after my mom arrived, a day before my 30th birthday, as i promised, this happened:

it was short but it was the best ten days of my life! we didn’t get to do everything but we were able to accomplish a whole darn lot. shave ice, hanauma bay, swap meet, north shore, ala moana, snow crabs, waikiki beach, luau, pearl harbor…hawai’i is simply gorgeous. i’m very glad to know that i can always call it home. we’re very close as a family and our simplest joy is to hang out together even for just ten short days. we’ve spent so much time away from each other that every reunion reminds us that life is too short to spend apart. we’re coming back hopefully sooner than expected and the wait is friggin’ killing me already. =)

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