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Pumpy-yumpy-yumpkin / Ivan & Liezl

Pumpy-yumpy-yumpkin / Ivan & Liezl

The old man singing Dean Martin’s “You’re Nobody When Somebody Loves You” caught our attention as my wife and I were walking along the boardwalk on our way to Le Chateau Frontenac. Soon, other tourists gather around and sings along. I remember feeling nostalgic, like that “Midnight in Paris” movie which starred Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. Another ten-minute walk and we found ourselves watching another captivating street performer. On our way back to our hotel, the two of us were discussing how overwhelming the past few of hours were! It’s just impossible for anyone not to fall in love with the place! It was not really difficult to understand why our couple Ivander and Liezl chose to get married in Quebec, Canada even if each ocular trip took more than eight hours of driving from their home in New Jersey.

Just a few hours left before the wedding, I caught Ivander (who, may i add, is Youtube sensation! Effin’ awesome if you ask me!) and one of his groomsmen Ben engaged in a very animated discussion about writing his vow. Thinking on his toes, the groom grabbed his laptop and searched google for some inspiration while his friend searched vimeo for wedding videos. I wasn’t able to read the vow beforehand but Ivander’s pre-writing rituals totally helped him come up with a pretty great piece. I later learned that Liezl also made her equally impressive wedding vow early that day.

From the emotional ceremony to the exceptional skits during the reception to the beautiful speeches, Ivander and Liezl pulled of one heck of a wedding! We loved every second we were there and we love every bit of that extraordinary city. We hope we can go back in Canada sooner than later! For a winter wedding perhaps? I don’t mind. ;)

This, by the way, is a full-length wedding film carefully assembled and meticulously handcrafted to bring the whole magical experience back to life. So pull up your LazyBoy footrest and grab yourself some popcorn…better yet, pop a bottle of wine. You’re in for a very early Christmas treat!

Ivander Susanto & Liezl Go – Wedding highlights | Ceremony & Reception: Le Chateau Frontenac | Wedding Planner & Design: KA Marriage

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