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PTV turns 3!

the wedding expo just ended and i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who booked us during the event and the our soon-to-wed clients who dropped by to say hi. it’s a shame to admit that i have talked to a hundred different faces and shared countless stories making me forget who told what and who to contact when. this said, if i am not emailing you within the week, please holler and help remind me about what we talked about during the past weekend. =)

three years was like a blink of an eye but this last three hundred and sixty five days must’ve been the most colorful and most successful we’ve had! Not only did we get to be voted as w@w’s top ten suppliers of the year for the third consecutive time, we were voted as one of the top five! we also won our very first international award in the last WEVA CEA competition. =)

this year, everything’s looking solid than ever! at exactly the same time some three years ago, i cross posted the very first video from our old playback blog to the then new domain. today, i am cross-posting yet again as i officially launch the new website. this young team led by my senior editors are ready to deliver quality wedding films with a very affordable rate. we can’t be any more excited.

again, thank you for all the love and support that you have given us and we promise to accomplish our goal each and every event that we are a part of – that’s to be worthy of your every penny!

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