Yousif Dadi and Audrey Tongol
Tagaytay Midlands Veranda, Tagaytay Highlands
Photo: Joshua de Guzman
Gown: Jojo Macapinlac
HMU: Dey Caisip

Easily, Yousif and Audrey’s love story is one of my favorites of all time.

Skip the courting and romantic dates. When a life changing tragedy happens, true love is tested.
See, Audrey lost a leg in an accident. She gives Yousif a chance to run away if he finds this unacceptable. Not only does he think that it was the worst idea ever, he quits his job in Bahrain and moves to Dubai where she lives and takes care of her until she’s fully adjusted.

During their wedding day, he was up early catching fire ants for her. (She wanted a shot of their weddings rings with creepy crawlies walking around it.) =) There’s no limit to what this man would do for her!

Stop whatever you are doing and focus on this last wedding film we shot last year that gets my vote for our 2016 Wedding of the Year submission. A truly inspiring story that will surely make your day.

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