International Wedding
Andrew Huang and Jessica Lin’s Phuket Wedding Video Highlights
Ceremony: Sava Santi, Phang Ngah Thailand
Coordination: Luxury Events Phuket

“You guys are very important.” declared the groom’s father as my wife Gen shyly smiled in approval. “You know why? Because without you, how can we remember this beautiful day?” Although the weather at Phang Nham province was a little bit unpredictable, in the end a beautiful day it was indeed. Our wedding videography team consisting of my wife Gen and PTV Romel, were assigned to document this fabulous celebration of Andrew and Jess marriage. And judging by the footage that my team was working with during post production and not taking anything away from the wonderful wedding set-up and coordination of Jeanette Skelton, they did an exceptional job.

Being assigned to cover an international wedding is not an easy task. Our usual team of six is significantly trimmed down to, at the very least, two people without sacrificing the quality of the service that we provide. I have never been to Thailand myself but after watching the final edit of this Phuket wedding video, it felt like I was with them all along. Then again, isn’t that how a wedding video should feel like? Enjoy watching! =)

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