Josh Mutemererwa and Irish Tiru

It’s been over a year and yet in the middle of a sleepless November night, words still escape as I try to describe the experience my family had during our two weeks in the UK. Within the my wife’s Instagram account lies perhaps a dozen of memories that depicts the awesomeness of the trip. Nothing truly tops one memory from the other as each is special on its own but today I remember the beautiful wedding of Josh and Irish.

It’s been over a year and still I had to double check if I am writing Josh’s surname right. Mutemererwa. It drew laughter and applause when the bride Irish recited her vow and perfectly pronounced the groom’s full name. It was a classic English celebration but as always, it was dominated by the few Filipinos in the crowd. I am thankful to my friend, the very well traveled photographer Ryan Ortega for introducing our work to the couple. I will remember this wedding being the one where I had to bottle feed my baby boy while I finish editing the couple’s SDE while my wife was filming the reception.


It’s been over a year and I still remember what Irish told us the night of her wedding just before we left the reception. She said that we have been a big part of their lives and that we are part of the family. And no matter how many times we’ve heard it before it truly means so much to us. =)

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