Four Leaf Clover: A Short Film
Starring: Jean-Paul Ferrer, Ann-Laurice Jacinto

Sexy is defined by the online Merrian-Webster dictionary as one: sexually suggestive or stimulating, synonymous to erotic and two: generally attractive or interesting, appealing. The short film that you are about to see borderlines these definitions that may, or not, confuse you as to why this adjective has been used as introduction for this blog post in the first place. A trick, perhaps, to keep you glued to your seats as blow after blow of mind-boggling lines that wouldn’t seem to make sense until the very last second or a cheap promo to make this low-cost one day production film somehow interesting. Either way, in addition to the topless bathroom scene in between the first and last frames of this short film, the actor Jean Paul Ferrer’s Academy Award-worthy performance may, or not, stimulate one’s inner senses.

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