Destination Wedding
Preparations: Miniloc Island Resort El Nido, Palawan
Ceremony & Reception: Entalula Island El Nido Wedding, Palawan
Photographer: Nelwin Uy

Lhander and Ping needed to get married inside a church to be allowed to exchange vows in the beach. At 3 pm, with a priest, a pair of godparents, a photographer and a videographer, they did. Less than a couple of hours later, they were trading promises in one of the most remote beaches in the country. The couple’s El Nido wedding is indescribable. I was so excited that my camera has been rolling as soon as I got into the chartered plane earlier that day. In the freakish high daily temperatures this May, shooting a beach wedding alone with some 15 kgs of video equipment in two different locations twenty-minute speedboat ride apart is almost suicidal! But with an uncanny photographer in Nelwin Uy and an adrenaline rush like no other, it’s still not easy but it’s manageable. As i down my third and last beer at the bar that night, while the adrenaline slowly faded, I realized that I just witnessed a very beautiful and perhaps the most intimate wedding in all of my young wedding film-making career.

This El Nido wedding was no walk in the park. Ten minutes before the beach ceremony, I almost lost both my tripods during transit from one island to another. I was already wondering how to shoot the whole thing handheld when I was informed that the bag was found inside the boat we rode. I already left my portable LED light inside my bag that has been transported in advance to miniloc where we’re staying for the night. Fortunately, my buddy Nelwin brought his. I also discovered that my back up batteries for my audio recorder were drained. The only working pair, though, thankfully got through the night. =) The trickiest part, perhaps, is catching the emotional family members of the couple during their vows. I got really lucky that day but I may not be next time so I’m not planning on doing this one man show again any time soon…unless of course another El Nido wedding comes my way. =)

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