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Pong and Aira – Tagaytay Highlands Wedding

Pong and Aira – Tagaytay Highlands Wedding

Tagaytay Highlands Wedding – Pong Perez and Aira Allarde-Perez
Ceremony: Madre de Dios, Tagaytay Midlands
Reception: Tagaytay Midlands Veranda

Much too often I am asked, even by colleagues may I add, how is it that a visual storyteller can keep oneself inspired and create these wonderful collection of images even if he has done it a hundred times before. (Okay, perhaps not asked as poetic as that but you know what I mean.) This question conveniently comes back whenever I work on some one too familiar place, say like the Highlands. See, Tagaytay Highlands wedding has been a norm since one Claudine Barretto got married here a few years (or a lifetime for some) ago. And we’ve had our share of Tagaytay highlands wedding being in the business for more than seven years. I’ve been here a hundred times before literally and I know the place like the back of my hand. =) The simple answer to this long debated question is, of course, each one is different and special in it’s own way. Just after a thunderous standing ovation before I accept my “Ms. Universe Title” for nailing the perfect answer, keep in my that this is a serious dilemma an artist faces every so often. It is just a matter of perspective really.

A Tagaytay Highlands wedding is by default, well at least in my opinion, already special as it is. You got one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the whole country and nothing little really can go wrong. Pong and Aira got married a few weeks back at this all too familiar place. And I being a believer of the mantra shooting the different subjects the same way as the last time is like reusing your underwear without washing, am motivated to make this day as special as how my beautiful young couple perceived it to be. I don’t want to create something that they’ve seen before, I want to create something just for them…a new masterpiece per se.

If you’ve been watching wedding videos for the last three days you’ll reach this place where it is no longer easy to look beyond the pictures. Trust me, there will come a point when it’ll seem that everything looks and feels the same even by watching only the first few seconds of the film. This is the kind of sh*t filmmakers try to avoid – become boring. Nobody wants to watch the same thing over and over unless it is a Liam Neeson flick so for reference and in case you missed it before, here’s a link of the video we did the last time we had a Tagaytay Highlands wedding:

…and here’s Pong and Aira’s visual treat of an SDE! ;)

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